Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Liver for Life

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body but no special care is taken for it. So what does the liver do? Situated in the upper right hand portion of the abdominal cavity, beneath the diaphragm and on top of the stomach, right kidney and intestines. It is dark reddish brown in colour and has multiple functions.
At any given point 13% of the body’s blood supply is found in the liver. Simply put the liver regulates blood chemistry and secretes bile to the pancreas and intestine. To simplify further all the blood that leaves the stomach or intestines passes through the liver and the liver processes the nutrients in this blood for use of the entire body.
Some important functions of the liver-
1.    Production of bile that helps break down fats
2.    Production of protein for blood plasma
3.    Production of cholesterol
4.    Conversion of excess glucose into glycogen which can be stored and later converted back into glucose
5.    Clearing of blood from poisonous substances
6.    Removing bacteria from the blood
Simple facts for parents to help them keep their kids liver healthy-
1.    The liver stores glucose for 4 hours so ensure that your kids eat every four hours.
2.    Breakfast is called so because the body breaks its fast after a night’s sleep, skipping breakfast is not helping the liver as it then has to use its stored glycogen to keep body healthy. Slowly if this continues then the liver is trained to store more and process less. So make breakfast a healthy habit.
3.    Avoid giving hard boiled sweets to kids as digestion of hard sugar bypasses the liver and so the more hard boiled sugar in your child’s diet, the more the liver is bypassed and it becomes sluggish.
4.    Drink enough water. Ensure that your kids drink water even while in school
5.    Eat healthy. Junk food is not helping the liver.
6.    Exercise for the liver so that your body is healthy and happy.
Love your liver and it will help you live longer.


bhavna said...

Respected Ma'am,
Thank you for this wonderful article that motivates us to love our liver which will in turn ensure that we have a healthy body.The tips would definitely be remembered and followed.


Pramila p said...

So many times we do things that we do not realize and in the bargain we are harming our selves. great article where we realize every part of the body is import and many a times people skip breakfast and other meals for fashion of loosing weight .This article will help all to realize liver also is an important part of the body.

Indu Chanda said...

Respected ma'am,

An important health tip for all indeed. Thanks for it.

A struggling liver can cause a variety of health problems, including:

Dark urine
Loss of appetite
Nausea and vomiting
Diarrhea, and light colored stools
Enlarged blood vessels, easy bruising
Anxiety and depression
Mental confusion
Exhaustion and fatigue
Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin
Food allergies and chemical sensitivities

So take good care of your "Liver for Life"

Nishita T said...

Ma'am by reading this knowledgeable article from you, today I came to know that how much a liver does for us. I learnt that Eating right on the right time is the right way to make our liver keep on loving us back!

Thank you so much Ma'am for sharing it with all of us.


Chalisgaon Jumbo kids said...

Respected Ma'am,
Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful information and tips to keep our body healthy and surely
we will follow the same to have happy longer life.

jayshree shah said...

Respected Maam ,
Your article is really wonderful and specially tips given for keeping our body healthy is really very important.
Jayshree shah
HM, Jalna branch

sanil vishala said...

Dear Ma'am,

You always share information which are just apt in our day to day life. By following and implementing the tips provided by you, will help us in the long run to keep us and our chidrens lead a healthy life.

Ms. Anita K said...

Respected maam
Thanking you for sharing the wonderful article and tips to keep healthy .

Living healthy is the best way to care for your liver.
Ms. Anita K

Preeti Bhasin said...

Respected Ma'am,

It is said that , 'Health is wealth'
Thanks so much for sharing valuable tips with us time and again .

Warm Regards

pjkparbhani said...

Respected ma'am,
Thanks for your treasure of thoughts sharing with all. Really it's my pleasure that you had given me a chance to understand you and of course Podar too! Your tips will always be helpful.
Warm Regards,

Madhavi Balchandani said...

Thank you ma'am for sharing informative article to be healthy always
Madhavi Balchandani.

Nayna Trivedi said...

It 's such an important article. Thank you ma'am for sharing it with us time and again. Love and care for
your body for healthy living.

Pjk Indore said...

Thank you Ma'am for sharing such a wonderful information with us.It is important for us as educators and mother's to be aware of healthy habits to help the little ones develop a healthy lifestyle from this tender age.
And Liver plays such an important role in proper functioning of our body.We should be teaching the same to our children as it is said A healthy body is the key to being happy.

jayshree shah said...

A very important and informative article to understand the role of liver in body organs and how to take care of it.
Thank you very enhancing our knowledge.

Sarina Oberoi said...

A very important and informative article on healthy liver..this is an important organ of a human body and if not taken good care of can lead to diseases and a unhealthy body.
thank you mam.

Chindwara Pjk said...

A very informative article on liver and we really as parents need to know the facts and work accordingly.Liver helps in many ways and we can save the liver in many ways. We all will take care for the liver not only of children but of adults also.
Thanks a lot for small facts.

Uma Nagdeo said...

A must read article for all and specially for parents they must inculcate healthy eating habits in kids, Plenty of water during the day which will help in turn to keep important body organs safe and make them live long. thank you ma'am for sharing such vital information.

Jumbo Kids, Chakan said...

Very informative article shared by you ma'am. We all must take care of our daily food intake and must drink plenty of water. It is very important to take care of liver which is very important organ of our body.

Pjk Gwalior said...

"It is health that is real wealth and not the piece of Gold and Silver"- Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Ma'am once again for enlightening us with a informative article "liver for life".

"Life is not living and being in health".