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Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

This Bulletin is being released to educate and inform the parents on the HAND, FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE with additional information on how to keep your loved one’s safe. Parents are requested to watch their children and take additional precautions and in case of doubt PLEASE TAKE DOCTOR’S OPINION and if confirmed, PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - Children Care Guide
Hand foot - mouth disease is a common childhood illness featuring mouth sores, fever, and a rash.
HFMD is most often caught by children under 10 years old. Children with HFMD usually get a fever first, then red spots with blisters in the middle. HFMD blisters may form in the mouth and on the tongue, hand feet or buttocks.
What does HFMD look like?
HFMD usually starts with a fever of about 37.8 to 38.9’C from 1 to 3 days before spots appear. Your child may have sore throat and may be tired, fussy, and not very hungry. This is the time when your child is most likely to spread the virus to others.
Next, red spots appear that form water - filled blisters in the middle. Blisters may form on your child’s tongue or his mouth. Often, mouth blisters pop and become painful ulcers (sores). Blisters may form on the bottoms of your child’s feet, palms of his hands, or between his fingers or toes. They may also form on your child’s buttocks.
What is the treatment for HFMD?
There is no cure for HFMD. You may treat your child’s discomfort in the following ways:
Treat pain and fever. Ask your child’s doctor what medicines can be given for fever or pain relief of mouth sores. NEVER GIVE YOUR CHILD ANY MEDICATION (LIKE ASPIRIN) WITHOUT CONSULTING DOCTOR FIRST. Giving aspirin to your child when he is ill may cause very serious illness called Reye’s syndrome.

Feed your child soft foods that are not salty, spicy, or tart foods may cause more mouth pain. Offer soft, mild foods like yogurt, pudding, milkshakes, mashed potatoes or applesauce. Try to help your child drink as much water, milk and clear liquids as possible. To make drinking easier, serve your child cool and room temperature drinks. Have you child drink from a straw if he has sores on his lips or tongue. Serve drinks in a cup, since sucking from a bottle could be painful.

Provide relief for mouth sores and ulcers. You may try using numbing gels from the drug store. Ask your doctor about an antacid solution to help your child’s mouth sores feel better.

How do I keep others from catching HFMD? 

Wash your hands often. Wash your hands and child’s hands after changing diapers or wiping after BM. Wash hands before working in the kitchen and especially after caring for your child with HFMD. Make sure all your children wash their hands before eating and after going to the bathroom. Hands should also be washed after wiping off saliva (spit) or nose drippings. 
Do not share food or personal items. Do not share cups or eat from the same bowls, plates or utensils. Do not take a bite out of the same food. Do not share toothbrushes. 
Tell others that they have been exposed. Contact your child’s school or daycare center. Tell them that your child’s classmates may have been exposed to HFMD. 
Keep your child away from others while he has a fever or feels ill. Your child may return to school after his fever is gone and he does not feel sick anymore. Also, the red blisters should be dry and crusted over. 
Do not let your child share toys or give kisses while he or she infected. 
Wear latex or rubber gloves when you apply any lotion, cream or ointment to your child’s blisters.


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HFMD-An ailment that is normally taken lightly by us due to lack of information on how to prevent this and how to ensure its not spread.
The minute details mentioned are very informative and helpful especially in this rainy season when we might see rise in such cases.
Article highly recommended for all parents,teachers and heads of schools.Regards,Bhavna

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Very handy & important information regarding HFMD. A must share with all school staff and parents so that timely precautions can be taken. Thank you ma'am for enlightening us with the information.

Manju Joshi said...

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses of the picornaviridae family, causing HFMD are coxsackie. Viral meningitis causes fever, headache, stiff neck, or back pain. Its not to fear but to know how dangerous it can be if precaution not taken in time. In 1997, 31 children died in an outbreak in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, in 1998 – 78 children in Taiwan. But as rightly said in the blog along with doctors advice if the precautionary steps are followed then only it can be cured. Hand, foot and mouth disease infected 1, 520, 274 reported up to saving lives of 1519843 people by the end of July in 2012 in China.
Small steps along with treatment a must read for every parent.

Farheen Qureshi said...

HFMD mostly affects infants and children younger than 5 years old. However, older children and adults can get it, too. It is important to drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration (loss of body fluids).
You can reduce the risk of getting infected with the viruses that cause it by following a few simple steps:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
Avoid close contact (kissing, hugging, sharing cups and eating utensils) with people who are infected.

People with HFMD are most contagious during the first week of their illness.

A must read article for all parents and teachers.

Farheen Shaikh

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Hand, foot and mouth disease is usually a short mild illness that mainly affects children. Most children fully recover within a week. Serious complications occur rarely. Hand, foot and mouth disease is a mild illness caused by a virus. It causes little sores on the hands and feet and in the mouth. It is common among children between the ages of two and six.

Not surprisingly, outbreaks are common in nurseries and playgroups. Hygiene is very important to prevent it from spreading. So wash your hands and your baby's hands frequently with soap and water.

Very informative article must read by parents ,teachers and everyone who deal with kids .Regards Snehal

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