Thursday, 16 May 2013

ECA appeals to parents - Stop children from becoming like their ancestors - the grand apes!


Physical inactivity seems normal!
Just a few generations ago, physical activity was a constant part of daily life. Now we have done away with it so thoroughly, that physical inactivity seems normal. The social and economic consequences and costs are unsustainable.

We seem to be comfortable only while sitting-
The human body is wired to move and responds to movement. But sadly our lives have become sedentary and lack in the very movement that our bodies thrive on and need to be healthy. It took centuries for us to evolve from the hunched apes to the erect human body but sadly our sedentary lifestyle is taking us back to be the hunched apes, we are comfortable only while sitting! If ever in the course of modern human history there was a time for action, that time is now.

A unique Opportunity:
The first Ten years of Life Nature made children perpetual motion machines for a reason. As they head into adolescence, children draw the blueprints for their adult lives. Not just their adult bodies, but their adult intellect, character, emotional resilience and social skills. Their preferences and motivations—for physical activity or anything else—form during this key developmental phase.

Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults. Later in life, physical inactivity increases periods of ill-health and morbidity. Perhaps most dangerous of all is the fact that physically inactive parents pass along the same patterns to their children.Physically inactive children are more likely to have higher levels of fat mass and have lower academic achievement than their physically active peers.

ECA appeals to the children and parents!

Early Childhood Association appeals to all parents that these summer holidays ensure that you move and make your child move. Go for walks, climb trees, walk down stairs, play ball, play Frisbee, play GilliDanda. Plan a summer holiday that is not only about sightseeing but body movement too. So join a dance class, play football at the beach, balance on a stick or join a bird watching club and walk, walk. Just move it, move it, this summer holiday.
So join us on our drive to give back ‘movement’ to our bodies and thus gift health and a happier life to our kids. Join the Early Childhood Association this summer in our mission to move to be healthy. Post pictures of your ‘movement fun’ on our face book page and win prizes. Join us on 

Monday- Go for a morning walk with your child
Tuesday-Take your kids to the garden and play with skipping rope
Wednesday- Climb stairs together
Thursday- Play Hop Scotch
Friday- Have fun rolling and jumping on the bed or trampoline
Saturday- Do Yoga with simple animal poses
Sunday-Try and do as many as the above as possible

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Kalpana Mahalwar said...

Truly said"Healthy mind resides in a healthy body".Ma'am you have hit the dart at the right time as at this point of time parents are planning for a vactaion and your knowledgeable article will surely be beneficial for them.Looking forward for nice pictures being uploaded.