Tuesday, 4 September 2012


This wish goes out to all our Head Mistresses, Franchises, Master Franchise, Teachers and all related staff that help nurture kids with their work and commitment.
On this special day I would like to share with you an extract from Nancy Rosenow’s newest book, Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature. She writes……..
"Over the years I've come to believe that those of us who work with or for children have a responsibility to nurture themselves as tenderly as we nurture the children in our care.  Children deserve to be taught by people who delight in the wonders of the world and are eager to share them.  Children deserve to be taught by people who teach through positive example.  

·        How can we help children see the world is a place of goodness and unlimited possibilities if we experience it as dreary and stifling? 
·        How can children trust us about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise if they don't choose to practice what we preach? 
·        How will we help children learn the difficult art of conflict resolution if bitter conflicts in our own relationships remain unresolved? 
·        How can we help children discover nature's gifts of joy and wonder if we rarely delight in those gifts ourselves? 
·        And perhaps the hardest question of all:  How will we help children experience themselves as unconditionally loved and loving beings if we don't feel unconditionally loving toward ourselves?"
I think the above extract will help us all have a great day. So nurture yourself kindly and happily today so that for the rest of the year you will be able to happily nurture kids and Kiducation. All the best and do share a copy of this with your teams.
Warm regards,
Swati Popat Vats
Director – Podar Preschools, Podar Institute of Education